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I'm Becky, I'm 37 and I live in Clacton, Essex

I've always been a witch, and I was initiated into my own family coven at 18. I have been blessed to learn under some amazing priestesses and completed 4 different priestess spirals up to the third spirial, the most recently as a priestess of the lunar womb. 

When I left school I took myself off to university and became a social worker. It was a short-lived path, and I hold those who are able to live that role in the highest regard. Unfortunately for me health and life meant it was not something I carried on with but it provided me with skills and training that are still part of my healing work. 

I started on my own healing path in my early 20's, it included 5 rounds of failed IVF and a couple of organs that decided they didn't enjoy being in my body, and all the fun of Fibromyalgia due to an extended time of just pure stress and illness. I knew that I needed to learn more about the hows and the why's and so I took an interest in crystals to a whole new level. Learning with some amazing teachers and gaining a pretty strong foundation in healing with a 3-year apprenticeship (witches have a thing about 3-year courses, think of it like primary school, secondary school then university)

Fast forward the rest of my 20's, which weren't great. I was pretty sad and completely disconnected from my body and my womanhood.

I hit 30 and knew that I could not waste this decade of my life too. So I learnt more, I found teachers who helped me remember what being a woman is actually about (hint: it's not just being a mum) and how to live in my flow. I embraced plant medicines and tried to experience as many as I could and I lost a whole person in weight (13 stone ish). It was a busy few years, and some things and people didn't survive the growth with me. My marriage ended and I knew I was ready to stand in my own power.

That was a while ago now, and I am pretty confident that I didn't waste my 30's like I feared I would. I still live with a number of chronic health and pain conditions but I manage them holistically. With this amazing business, I now help women reconnect, live in their own flow, fall pregnant, experience plant medicine and sisterhood, enjoy sex, heal past trauma and all the other brilliant things I get to do through this little passion project. I couldn't be more thankful.

If nothing else all of the health issues and experiences I have had led me to here and now and as a healer it means that I am a great believer that not everything is fixable but everything can be improved and I bring that energy to my healings. I make no false promises, but I come from a place of understanding and work with you to bring peace, healing, and growth, which isn't always the same as fixing the issue. 

So yeah, that's me. Hi

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