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  • Becky Kenny

Crystal Therapy Treatment

What is Crystal Therapy?

Every 'thing' in the universe is energy, and each thing has its own vibrational frequency and energy signature, including crystals, minerals and gemstones. Crystals are made up of elements (Think periodic table) many of these elements occur naturally in our bodies or are taken in modern medicine even today

Crystals such as Petalite, Kunzite, Lepidolite and Lithium quartz, literally contain Lithium, which is one of the ingredients in many of today's anti-depressant medications. Crystals also have a 'crystalline structure' that is more stable than our own, and it is this that gives them the ability to help bring out our own energy and energy bodies back into a more harmonious state.

Crystals work to heal physical ailments by treating the root cause of the issue. At some point during each session, I will check your chakra system, and aura for blockages, cords, leaks and damage etc. But sessions go far beyond chakra balance and not limited to that. We work with a whole host of energy points and healing systems, reconnecting your body mind and soul to be in balance

Crystal healing can be enjoyed by all, and you do not have to have any 'issues' or ailments to benefit from it. Regular Crystal Healing sessions are great for stress management, taking timeout to connect to your spiritual side, and connect fully with yourself. 99% of clients always walk away feeling more relaxed, energised and focused.

Commonly reported benefits:

  • Improved self-image and more confidence

  • Health Improvements, desire to keep improving

  • Feeling more in control of their path and future

  • Motivated to keep making positive changes

During treatment clients often feel:

  • Well rested, similar to a full night of sleep

  • A sense of warmth, occasionally a cool sensation

  • The sensation of energy moving around, such as a swirling sensation or colours

  • Or "see", during the session, mental pictures or symbols as we work through the energy layers

As a client what do I need to do?

  • Other than removing your shoes - nothing!

  • Hopefully, just relax, there's no test at the end!

  • You do not need to concentrate

  • If you do not notice any sensations it's fine, it's still working!

What should I do afterwards?

  • Make sure you feel fully alert before driving, operating machinery

  • Drink plenty of water, as you would after a massage

  • Try not to rush straight off into our super busy fast-paced life! It's nice to enjoy the relaxation :)

  • If you requested a report after your healing it will be with you within 48 hours

Additionally, during any healing session, I sometimes receive spiritual suggestions for the client regarding areas of their life that could benefit from some attention. This information I pass on to the client at the end of the session and I can include it in a report afterwards if you would prefer

I am here to answer any questions, before, during or after treatments. This is new to a lot of women! So please just ask.


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