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Here at In Her Flow, we specialise in chronic pain conditions, womb health, and fertility using crystals, Reiki, sound healing, and plant medicine. But we love working with anyone who wants to manage stress, sickness, or just treat themselves to some crystally sacred self-care.

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Crystal Healing

In Her Flow

Everybody holds the key to their own healing, but sometimes the body needs a little help finding its natural rhythm. That’s where my offerings come in. As an experienced Crystal Therapist, I work with you to restore your balance and find your flow. 

Crystal Healing

Work With Me

Crystal therapies, crystal Reiki, sound activation, navel candling, womb support and more at our clinic in Clacton, Essex.

Sacred Space

Sit With Me

Join in sisterhood at our monthly cacao circle, reiki share and Womancraft or check out one of our courses and workshops.

Organic Herbal Yoni Steam Blend _ Postpartum _ Menopause_ Face Steam _ Tea _ Vaginal Steam

My Offerings


The full range will be here soon, but for now we have our yoni steams, womb clays, yoni oil & womb box

What our clients think

I had a crystal healing session today with Becky, and my goodness was it needed! As a therapist myself, it’s super important to look after yourself and get holistic treatments! I feel like I’ve been super charged!! The actual experience of crystal healing is so relaxing, I was totally asleep! Becky gave me so much information at the end of the session, which is so Interesting and helpful. I woke up feeling refreshed as if I had just got 8 hrs solid sleep!

Becky is just the most knowledgeable and talented therapist.. if you’ve been thinking of trying this then this is your sign to get booked! Xx

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Sacred Self Care
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